Being born in a country of four seasons is really fun and good. Not only that it has different stages in a year but also there there are memorable activities that you can do despite from the terrible North wind during winter.

Winter camping. Those who can stand with the coldness of the wind and the pouring of the snow, they can go out and have a fun camping. Of course, you will not go there without bringing winter stuffs. If you have thick jackets and boots to fight against the cooling wind, there will be no problem. This is done by a group of friends.

Snow Crafting. There are lots of people enjoying themselves in playing snow. Building a snowman, crafting through a snow and many more. Many kids enjoy playing on ice because they make fun of creating many kinds of shapes they want to see. They are so talented in making snow man and many other things.

Hanging out with dogs. Some dogs can survive in winter like Siberian dogs because they got used to cold and freezing weather. This is why they are fond of playing and walking in the snow of frost. They even go out and hunt food for their babies and that they are able to do things on their own pleasure.

Ice Skating. There are some skating rink that really skate on ice, not frost. A lot of kids do have fun on playing and this is the way they can  go out and hang out even in winter season.

Sledding. What is more enjoyable than sledding? This is an absolute fun for everyone!