If you are going to go for an outdoor activity, you have to bring these things. There are so many things to need when you go out because you do not go out for nothing. Therefore take these things out with you.

First Aid Kit. If you are going anywhere, may it be dangerous or not, bring first aid kit because this is the only way you can drive yourself to an emergency. No one knows what is going to happen so this kit will help in the emergency for you.

Water and food stock. Food stock will help in hunger and thirst. No matter what happens, never forget to bring water with you even if you think that there will be a store for buying water at your destination.

Extra clothes. Depending in the season you are going out, bring extra clothes even if you are going to a place for just a day. You can actually use clothes in any way even in a state of an emergency. During your stay, you will be needing your personal belongings.

Kitchen Knife. This is an experience, wherever you will go, you will be needing a kitchen knife but of course you will not be able to pass through an inspection with it, so better live it when you know you will be passing through a situation.

Bring Toilet or Bathroom Stuffs. Man may not need this but women are very cautious about these so these makes a sense when women would be bringing some things, again, this is for an emergency cases.